The Importance Of Flower Girls In Your Wedding

It has taken a great amount of time to plan the most beautiful wedding. The bride will look stunning in her dress. The perfect bridesmaid dresses have been found. The groom and groomsmen will be incredibly handsome in their attire. The question now is what about a flower girl or girls? How can they add to the beauty of the special day? How many flower girls? Unfortunately, this is not an easy question to answer. There can be as many or as few as you choose. There is no wedding rule that is written in stone, when pertaining to flower girls. The number will depend greatly on how many little girls are in your family, and immediate group of friends. It will also depend on your vision of your wedding. Do you want one flower girl, to pair with


How Brides Can Look Good For The Flash

You know what everyone is going to say to you as you're planning your wedding: even if things don't turn out perfectly, you're still going to have an amazing day, so don't stress. That may be true, but what's also true is that, for most of us, weddings are a once-in-a-lifetime experience. You, as the bride, want to remember the best day of your life, don't you? That's why having professional wedding photos taken is so popular. You don't want to bother any of the guests by making them run around with a camera all evening, but you also want to make sure you capture every last detail. They've got the skills and equipment to make sure everything looks perfect – but making sure the photos aren't the type you want to untag yourself from on Facebook


5 Tips To Help Choose Lingerie For Under Your Wedding Dress

Planning a wedding is said to be one of the most stressful times in a woman’s life and as such there are many things that might slip your mind or seem unimportant. Wedding day lingerie should not be one of them. To ensure you feel just as good in your wedding day undergarments as you do in your wedding dress, here are a few useful tips. 1. Plan in advance It is really important to make sure you are wearing the perfect outfit on your wedding day, from your dress and shoes right down to your undergarments. Therefore, you should make sure you buy your underwear close to the time you purchase your dress. So many brides leave choosing their lingerie to the last minute and this means you may have to settle for garments you wouldn’t usually


Top Ten Wedding Myths

One of the benefits of getting married in the information age is that there’s no shortage of free advice available online. Millions of people have gotten married before you and quite a few of them have decided to blog about it. The only downside to such information however is that not all of it is true. Between the myths, misconceptions and superstitions, there’s no shortage of ridiculous ideas surrounding the subject of how to plan that perfect wedding. Here are ten popular wedding myths that you’d be mad to take seriously. 1. The Bride MUST Wear White It’s been decades since anyone took this rule seriously. It’s your wedding, you can wear whatever you want. The most popular alternatives to white include pink and lavender.


5 Ways To Look Great On Your Wedding Day

Are you ready to stand in front of hundreds of people and become the center of attention for the day? You might feel confident at the moment, but as the wedding gets closer and closer you might develop a little case of the nerves. The last thing you want is to feel self-conscious when you're at the front of the church saying your vows. You will already be petrified by the fact you're putting a ring on your finger and saying goodbye to the single life forever. If you want to be as confident as possible you need to be looking your best. If you feel like a million bucks you can walk into the church with your head held high and you won't feel self-conscious about anything. Preparation is the key and in order to look your best you need to start


How To Pick A Vintage Wedding Dress

For a wedding a vintage dress is something unique, elegant and different and as ‘something old’ it’s hard really to think of anything more suited, if it’s well chosen. So, how do you find a wedding dress of this ilk and what should you consider before purchasing? Time Period Picking a period is very important when deciding on a dress and different era’s suit different people and their styles of dress. By trying on a number and then deciding, you get a definite feel for what you want and so you can then find something that suits you specifically. Earlier 20th century dresses have a sleek look, while 1950s dresses tend to be shorter, moving onward to the larger dresses of the 1970s and 1980s. Distinct One of the great things about


Top Eight Wedding Planning Mistakes

For all the joys of getting married, there’s no denying that the planning stage can get a little stressful. Budgets have to be drawn up, decisions have to be made and the bride has to be kept from tearing her hair out in the process. The easiest way to prevent a wedding meltdown is to simply learn what not to do. Here are eight of the most common wedding planning mistakes and how to avoid them. Getting Talked into Unnecessary Purchases When dealing with wedding service providers, always keep in mind that they want you to spend as much money as possible. They are businesses, like any other, and their primary goal is to make a profit. It’s therefore important to take their advice with a grain of salt. When choosing a wedding cake,


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