Bridal Accessories: How Much Is Too Much?

It is likely you will be familiar with the bridal tradition of ‘something borrowed, something blue, something old and something new’. However, this is vague and can give way to a whole host of bridal faux pas. I believe that your wedding should reflect you and your individuality; after all it is marking an extremely important occasion in your life, and accessories should be used to reflect this. This, in turn suggests that they can be as understated or bold as you’d like. One thing I would suggest however; is that you should keep the accessories to a few key pieces to avoid overkill. Something Borrowed This is the perfect way in which to incorporate a personal touch to your bridal ensemble! Borrow an accessory from someone that


2013 Wedding Color: Emerald Green Wedding Inspiration

The year 2013 has brought a hot color to attention, and it's been getting a lot of looks! This beautiful new color is emerald green! It's vibrant but not over the top, and it goes beautiful with nature. Emerald green is also a great color to use with an eco-friendly wedding, after all, it is one of earth's natural jewel tones. Emerald Green Wedding by favorsunlimited featuring long ball gowns Emerald green is also a great color for a palette because it matches so many complementary colors. Pair your green bridesmaid dresses with black or tan tuxes for the groomsmen. If you're wanting a third color, there are many options as well; silver, light green, gold, orange, pale yellow, and brown for starters.   Fashion isn't the


Pinterest Helps Create A Winter Wonderland Wedding

The hottest new trend in wedding planning is using Pinterest. Professional wedding planners from across the country are using the online board to coordinate with their clients and vendors. The best use of the popular website is to establish a board that the wedding planner and bride having pinning privileges to during their initial meeting. The site works equally well for planners with brides that purchase pre-made decorations as well as the brides that are avid do-it-yourselfers. If the idea is pinned directly from the website that sells the item, the bride is only a few clicks away from purchasing making it very fast and easy to assemble all the decor needed for the big day. And some pins may have links to tutorials. For this article, a board


Are Tiaras Losing Their Charm?

Tiaras were quite the rage till the late 90’s. A wedding seemed incomplete without the elegant headdress to grace the occasion. It was a classically crafted piece of jewelry which made the bride feel like royalty or a queen on her special day. It made her stand out from the rest. But as the years have progressed, fashion in the bridal world has seen lesser and lesser of tiaras. The primary reason for this has been the inclusion of other hair accessories in the repertoire of bridal jewelry. An elegantly designed brooch, a specially designed bedecked flower or an exquisite stone studded hair band look as beautiful as a tiara would look. Besides, it is in perfect sync with the less-is-more concept embraced by modern fashion Tiaras as tradition Tiaras


Quirky Weddings – Making Your Special Day Unique

For the lucky couple, a wedding is a magical moment that marks a huge landmark in their relationship. For an unfortunately large amount of people attending, however, the ceremony can be really quite boring. Sitting for what seems like eons in a Church, hearing nothing but the run-of-the-mill wedding talk that you can nearly recite yourself, and being able to see nothing but people who you don't know, but are still wearing nearly the same thing as you. It's not quite as magical for the attendees to say the least. But that can change! If you're having a wedding coming soon, and you're not scared of being a bit more out there than others, you should consider doing things a little differently with your wedding – here's a few ideas. Make it Snappy,


A Bride's Guide to Dressing Beautifully for the Rehearsal Dinner

Your wedding is just around the corner, and just when you thought that you've got everything covered, you soon realize that there is also the rehearsal dinner – the moment where the two families will probably meet for the first time along with closest friends and colleagues. Although your rehearsal dinner is a more intimate affair than your reception, it is not something that you should be taking lightly. Since this would be a moment when some of the family members will lay their eyes on you for the first time, it is equally important to look smashing for this night just as you would on your big day. Use this as an opportunity to impress family and friends. So to make that lasting impression and showcase your personality, here are a few


What to Wear to a Fall Wedding

Fall weddings are absolutely beautiful occasions. They occur at a wondrous time of the year when the leaves are changing colors, the temperature is cooling off, and the happy couple is starting a life of eternal bliss. However, they can also be a source of confusion over the appropriate guest attire. A guest who is well informed on the fashion of fall can arrive at any fall wedding in the perfect apparel. Image Credit: Photo: IMG_3759 by berriehol, on Flickr The Black Tie Event Black tie fall weddings are extremely straightforward on dress code. They require sharp tuxedos and formal gowns. A deep colored cocktail dress is acceptable, but an exquisite floor length gown is the optimum dress style for a black tie wedding. Gowns look best at


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