To Tweet or Not to Tweet: Modern Day Wedding Privacy

Not a day goes by when you log into your social networks and are faced with mountains of wedding pictures, status updates by excited relatives saying “proud of you hun! xx” or some rather tipsy sounding tweets from wedding guests who have decided to live tweet their former co-worker’s reception like it’s an episode of X Factor. Social media is now a huge part of weddings, with the average wedding guest on sharing 22 photos on Facebook or Instagram, and seven out of ten Twitter users posting while at a wedding (we haven’t looked at the post frequency to amount of champagne quaffed ratio yet). But what about the bride and groom? How do they feel about their big day being put online for friends of friends to gawk at with no input


How to Help Your Wedding Photographer Get Better Photos

You may be thinking, "How am I going to help my photographer with taking my photos?"  But a little help can really go a long way. The more involved you get the more personal and special the photos will be. Communication with your wedding photographer is key to getting the best photos possible. Maximize your wedding photographer's potential by following some of the steps we have mentioned below. Produce a wedding day timeline. The more information the wedding photographer knows about the wedding the better. Providing the photographer with a detailed timeline on how the day will play out allows them to know exactly where to be at the right time, thus enabling them to capture the best moments of the day. Get the photographer to attend your


Finding The Right Spots For Your Wedding Photos

Your wedding photos are going to be an everlasting reminder of your commitment to that special someone. It will be memories for not just your generation, but also, for those generations, yet to come. Apart from the right photographer your locations also have to do justice to the moment. Choosing the right spot can help add many more layers to your photo. It can help turn regular run of the mill photos into works of art from which emotions reflect. So if you are selecting your photo spots after the wedding, then keep a few things in mind. A photo spot that has significance to the couple Choosing a photo spot that has some form of significance to the couple to be married adds another dimension to the photos. These spots could be along the


Why It Pays To Hire An Expert Wedding Photographer For Your Wedding

Your wedding is certainly the most important day in your life and you surely do not want to ruin it in any way. People look for various ways to cut down on costs when they are planning their wedding. One of them is by assigning the wedding photography work to one of their friend’s rather than hiring a professional photographer. 5 Reasons Why To Hire a Professional An amateur photographer may be good at clicking random pictures but for an occasion as special as your wedding, you obviously want good pictures. This are several reasons why the work of wedding photography is best handed over to a professional wedding photographer. First and foremost, the professional wedding photographer brings a lot of experience with him on the table. Your


How To Choose The Best Photographer For Your Engagement Pictures

Getting engaged can be a fantastic thing. Some people have a party and others just have a personal celebration such as a meal out. This can be an occasion that you wish to remember by having some photographs taken. These might be during a party or just to have a set taken with the two of you together. It can be great to have a set of photographs to mark the occasion for you. However, it is important to make sure that you choose the best photographer. In order to do this, some of the tips below can help. Personal Recommendations It is well worth asking people whether they have used a photographer for their engagement photographs and finding out whether they can make a recommendation. Finding out who other people like and dislike can be


Top Ten Tips For Choosing a Wedding Photographer

As your big day approaches, one of the many big decisions that need to be made is your choice of wedding photographer. At first glance, they might all seem the same. Unfortunately however, this is a misconception that has led to many regretful brides. Should you find yourself trying to choose the perfect photographer for your wedding, here are ten simple tips for doing just that. Know Your Budget Most people are surprised to learn that wedding photography typically amounts to around twelve percent of the overall wedding budget. The best way to start your search is therefore to write down exactly how much you can, and cannot, afford to spend. Know What You Want Different photographers provide different services and if you don’t


10 Tips For Getting Photo Ready For Your Wedding Day

For brides and grooms all across the world, the wedding photos can be a really nerve wracking experience. We all have an idea in our heads of what we want to look like when we’re the blushing bride or the handsome groom, but this doesn’t always translate to reality. However, there are some easy ways to give yourself the best chance at the photos, so that your wedding snaps look pretty much as you want them to. 1. Don’t detox the day before. No one wants bad skin on their wedding day and even if you’re trying to lose those last few pounds, it’s really not worth breaking out in spots just in time for the photos. Keep the facemasks, detoxing, dieting and facials for at least a week before. 2. Think about the make up. There’s no


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