How Brides Can Look Good For The Flash

You know what everyone is going to say to you as you're planning your wedding: even if things don't turn out perfectly, you're still going to have an amazing day, so don't stress. That may be true, but what's also true is that, for most of us, weddings are a once-in-a-lifetime experience. You, as the bride, want to remember the best day of your life, don't you? That's why having professional wedding photos taken is so popular. You don't want to bother any of the guests by making them run around with a camera all evening, but you also want to make sure you capture every last detail. They've got the skills and equipment to make sure everything looks perfect – but making sure the photos aren't the type you want to untag yourself from on Facebook


The ABC's Of Picking The Perfect Wedding Photographer

You’ve chosen a wedding gown, booked a venue, and met with your caterers and florists—now what’s next on the list of wedding must-dos? Picking the perfect photographer! One of the most important decisions you and your future spouse need to take when planning your special day is hiring a good wedding photographer. Sure, anyone with a camera can take photos, but not everyone can take photos that justify the moment. Photos are not mere snapshots or summaries of your big day. Photos capture a wedding’s intimate moments and preserve them for a lifetime. So before your Uncle Bob or Cousin Mary takes blurry photos of you walking down the aisle or drinking champagne with your other half, here are the ABCs of choosing the perfect wedding photographer: Ask


Top Ten Wedding Myths

One of the benefits of getting married in the information age is that there’s no shortage of free advice available online. Millions of people have gotten married before you and quite a few of them have decided to blog about it. The only downside to such information however is that not all of it is true. Between the myths, misconceptions and superstitions, there’s no shortage of ridiculous ideas surrounding the subject of how to plan that perfect wedding. Here are ten popular wedding myths that you’d be mad to take seriously. 1. The Bride MUST Wear White It’s been decades since anyone took this rule seriously. It’s your wedding, you can wear whatever you want. The most popular alternatives to white include pink and lavender.


Wedding Back-Up Plans

Planning a wedding can easily turn into daunting challenge which can sometimes seem impossible! With the average wedding planning time being a lengthy 9 – 12 months, it’s no wonder that not only the bride, but  the whole wedding party expects the day to run smoothly without fault or hiccups. I don’t doubt your meticulous planning, but sometimes things happen which are out of your control. Panic not; have a read through some of my helpful tips to sort out some wedding day disasters before they even happen! Be Sure To Insure Don’t take the risk of not insuring the most important and expensive day of your life! Whether it’s your pricey dress that gets damaged, your cake maker goes out of business or an illness means your big day has


6 Disasters That Could Strike on Your Big Day and How to Avoid Them

Unless you're a very lucky person there's going to be something that goes wrong at your wedding. Maybe it's so small that you don't even notice it and that would be amazing, but then you have things at the other end of the scale which could put a dent in your day. You're a smart woman and I presume you know life isn't all laughing children and chocolate cakes. Nothing is perfect and why should your big day be any different? Once you accept that something could go wrong it's time to ensure it doesn't, or at least ensure the main things that could go wrong run smoothly. First you need to know the main things that can go wrong. This will mean you can prepare yourself before it happens and you'll know what to do when it does. After you know what


Artistic vs. Reporting Photography for your Big Day

There is a tendency for wedding couples to increasingly choose documentary style photography for their big day instead of the former artistic alternative. Both have their merits without doubt and though the aforementioned is currently more popular, imaginative and creative photography still has its fans. However, for brides and grooms it’s nice to be able to weigh up the options and the benefits one has over the other. Memorable Both documentary style and artistic photos are memorable for different reasons and both add to the day in different ways. Obviously, the documentary style images make for a quite comprehensive account of the special day. In years to come, this comprehensive approach is something to cherish. Equally, the artistic


Do You Really Need a Wedding Video? The Pros & Cons Of This Not-So-Traditional Expense

Every little girl dreams about a fairytale wedding. A handsome husband, a fancy white dress, a beautiful wedding on the beach at sunset… Whatever your dreams are, you want your wedding day to go off without a hitch – you want it to be perfect. In preparation for that day, you spend countless hours making wedding decisions, and you (or maybe your parents?) spend thousands of dollars to put it all into motion. One of the most important details is your wedding photography. You want to hire the best photographer to capture everything. Many couples also hire a videographer to get it all on tape. But when you’re already spending so much, a videographer seems like an optional expense. After all, how many times do couples watch their wedding


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