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Pre-Owned Wedding Dresses: The Best New Trend In The Wedding Industry?

Your big day is fast approaching and you have not chosen the perfect wedding dress yet. A lot of couples are having to pay out of pocket for their wedding, so a lavish gown seems out of the question. An alternative to purchasing an expensive gown that you will wear one day and then keep hanging in your closet indefinitely is to buy a pre-owned dress. This trend is becoming more and more popular. Not only does buying a pre-owned dress save you a huge chunk of change, but the concept also stands to put some extra dollars in your pocket after your wedding. Paying it Forward It doesn’t matter if your perfect wedding dress was purchased off the rack, off the runway or out of someone else’s closet. Why not share your great find with another


Is a Prenup Right For Us?

What is a Prenup? A prenuptial agreement is a legal contract between a couple before they are married. It sets rules about how each person’s assets will be split up in the case of divorce. It’s safe to say that the stigma around prenuptials isn’t going away anytime soon. Talking about divorce before you even get married can really put a damper on those blissful feelings. However, many lawyers will tell you it’s one of life’s necessary evils. Who Needs One? Prenups are popular in Hollywood and generally wealthy couples in order to protect their riches. But it’s perfectly all right for a couple of lesser means to sign a prenup for their own reasons. Prenups can be used in cases where the couple has children from a previous marriage,


6 Post-Wedding To-Do's You Probably Forgot About

You’ve made the vows, drank the champagne, and honeymooned on some tropic isle—what more is there to do?! Actually, there is real life after the plane ride home. Here are 6 things to add to (or begin) your honey-do list that you might have forgotten about. You’re welcome. Tie up the loose ends of the wedding knot The wedding isn’t over just yet! Remember all those waffle irons in the corner of your bedroom and the cake frosting that got smeared on your ball gown? Tie up some of the loose end like registry returns and gown cleaning. Most stores are pretty lenient when it comes to newlyweds and gift returns, but it is much easier to return those ugly candle holders sooner than later. Organize the gifts into piles by store, then devote


How To Choose The Best Photographer For Your Engagement Pictures

Getting engaged can be a fantastic thing. Some people have a party and others just have a personal celebration such as a meal out. This can be an occasion that you wish to remember by having some photographs taken. These might be during a party or just to have a set taken with the two of you together. It can be great to have a set of photographs to mark the occasion for you. However, it is important to make sure that you choose the best photographer. In order to do this, some of the tips below can help. Personal Recommendations It is well worth asking people whether they have used a photographer for their engagement photographs and finding out whether they can make a recommendation. Finding out who other people like and dislike can be


Eight Things Not To Do Now That You're Engaged

So he’s popped the question, you’ve said yes and you’re now the proud owner of both a loving fiancé and a ridiculously shiny engagement ring. Before you rush out and tell everyone you know however, it’s important to take a breath. With all the excitement of getting engaged comes a strange tendency for people to make some rather silly mistakes. And if you’re not careful, you can easily find yourself hampering your wedding day before you’ve even started planning it. Here are eight things not to do now that you’re getting married. Don’t Try to Rush Things Most engaged couples are shocked to discover just how much time goes into planning the perfect wedding. It’s therefore very important to give yourself plenty of


The Importance Of Flower Girls In Your Wedding

It has taken a great amount of time to plan the most beautiful wedding. The bride will look stunning in her dress. The perfect bridesmaid dresses have been found. The groom and groomsmen will be incredibly handsome in their attire. The question now is what about a flower girl or girls? How can they add to the beauty of the special day? How many flower girls? Unfortunately, this is not an easy question to answer. There can be as many or as few as you choose. There is no wedding rule that is written in stone, when pertaining to flower girls. The number will depend greatly on how many little girls are in your family, and immediate group of friends. It will also depend on your vision of your wedding. Do you want one flower girl, to pair with


Top 5 Ideas For Unique Bachelor Parties

The bachelor party is one of the longest standing and best loved traditions when it comes to pre-wedding activities.  However, bachelor parties can quickly descend into farce, especially given that some of them can follow a familiar pattern of overdosing on alcohol, heading to bars of questionable demeanor, and juvenile behavior. We looked at five unique bachelor party ideas that are designed to discourage the characteristics listed above, although if you want to indulge in such antics, that is ultimately your choice. Embrace Nature At any other time of the year, you might take a camping holiday or spend some time in the great outdoors, so why not try it for a bachelor party? Perhaps you could head out into the forest and go camping


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