2013 Wedding Color: Emerald Green Wedding Inspiration

The year 2013 has brought a hot color to attention, and it's been getting a lot of looks! This beautiful new color is emerald green! It's vibrant but not over the top, and it goes beautiful with nature. Emerald green is also a great color to use with an eco-friendly wedding, after all, it is one of earth's natural jewel tones. Emerald Green Wedding by favorsunlimited featuring long ball gowns Emerald green is also a great color for a palette because it matches so many complementary colors. Pair your green bridesmaid dresses with black or tan tuxes for the groomsmen. If you're wanting a third color, there are many options as well; silver, light green, gold, orange, pale yellow, and brown for starters.   Fashion isn't the


Summer Wedding Color Trends

It is summer, the wedding season, and that means that women all over the country are laying out dresses of a myriad of different colors for their bridesmaids to don on their big day.  So, how do you know what colors are best to theme your summer wedding around if you are going to be in the same situation next summer?  Well, perhaps the best way to go about choosing your color is to let the season be your guide.  Consider nature this time of year and take a cue from it.  What colors naturally appear together, and as a result, would look beautiful side by side on your wedding day?  Choosing one color is usually not too hard a task, but if you want to bring in splashes of more than one, then consider these color combos that are inspired by


Celtic Wedding Themes

Marriage is a time for two people to come together to recognize the union of two hearts.  What better way to recognize the family and their heritage than to celebrate in a way that reflects it?  Many have come to enjoy these sorts of theme celebrations and among the most practiced is the Celtic theme.  The term Celtic actually refers to seven nations - Scotland, Ireland, Wales, Cornwall, Isle of Man, Spain, and Brittany.  However, most frequently Americans associate the Celtic symbols with the Scottish and Irish heritages. Aside from the general use of Celtic colors (green, yellow, and white), there are many ways to incorporate this theme into the celebration.  This might include the passing of a family heirloom to this new generation,


Mission: Color Scheme Green

There are many colors that seem to get used more than others for weddings. Reds are very popular, along with black, pink, and blue. But people seem to overlook the simple, natural choice of green. It's a mystery why, however, because there are so many ways to make green the most magnificent color scheme out there. Green Wedding Flowers Simple white roses, daisies, or any color really, if you wish the flowers to pop, you can always go with bold and vibrant bouquets to really accent your bridesmaids. For reception decorations, opt for white flowers and green tablecloths. These look beautiful together and when you look around the room from your bridal party table, you'll love the way everything looks so unique and coordinated. Green Wedding


Black, White & Green Wedding Cakes

Black and white is truly a classic wedding color scheme that has been used again and again by brides over the years. That said, a recent trend amongst brides is to add a great accent color such as green or yellow to the mix. And why not? A timeless classic spiced up with a punch of color is a great way to modernize a wedding. Planning a Spring Wedding? Nothing symbolizes spring more than the emergence of green foliage so why not tie a fresh Springtime green into your wedding color scheme! One of my favorite things about green is the wide range of hues to choose from....lime, a yellow-green chartreuse, or a bright grass green are my favorite shades to pair with black and white. If you are looking for some inspiration, check out the collage


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