Summer Wedding Color Trends

It is summer, the wedding season, and that means that women all over the country are laying out dresses of a myriad of different colors for their bridesmaids to don on their big day.  So, how do you know what colors are best to theme your summer wedding around if you are going to be in the same situation next summer?  Well, perhaps the best way to go about choosing your color is to let the season be your guide.  Consider nature this time of year and take a cue from it.  What colors naturally appear together, and as a result, would look beautiful side by side on your wedding day?  Choosing one color is usually not too hard a task, but if you want to bring in splashes of more than one, then consider these color combos that are inspired by


Modern Wedding Color Combinations

It used to be that white was one of the only colors you saw at a wedding. Maybe one other accent color like black or silver might appear, but that was it. Cakes were white and flowers were white. No one dared splash color in. Every ribbon, bow, and favor item had to be white or you would be looked upon as a rebel. And no one wanted to break out of the expected traditions. All that has changed though and brides are glad. Today, brides and grooms have no rules when it comes to color. There are bright orange wedding dresses and dark green cakes. Brides have come down the aisle wearing red shoes and tables have been draped in bright purple and pink. Bridesmaids now don’t even wear the same dress style, but just the same color palate. So anything


Teal & Brown - Fall Wedding Inspiration Board

Autumn is right around the corner and that means that brides will be looking to the colors of a fall harvest for inspiration.  But why not add a twist to the traditional orange and browns of the season by adding a splash of teal to the mix?  Perhaps a bit of teal embroidery on the bridesmaid dresses or some teal in the ties the groomsmen wear. Or what about using some teal ribbon on the bridal bouquets and centerpiece arrangements for the reception hall.  Here  is a montage of inspiring photos that you could incorporate into your dream wedding. If you are looking for that beautiful peacock teal blue taffeta neck tie shown in the collage above, visit where you can pick it up for about $20.  The perfect accessory for the men


Fuchsia & Orange Beach Wedding Inspiration

Dare to be different! The typical beach wedding color scheme usually incorporates a sandy brown or an ocean blue and normally these really are my favorite beach wedding colors.  However when I saw this unique orange and bright pink color scheme used for a beach wedding, I was blown away and wanted to share it with all the Here Comes The Blog readers as soon as possible. After all, some of you may be planning your beach wedding right now! The above fuchsia and orange wedding inspiration board was submitted for a contest on Colleyberry's collage of images includes photos of the bridesmaids all dressed in simple orange and fuchsia dresses along with the groomsmen who wear khaki pants and white shirts. I can't tell you how much


Autumn Wedding Inspiration Board

Autumn is traditionally when people focus on the prosperity of the season and give thanks for all the blessings in their lives.  What better time to celebrate the union of two lives! The magnificent colors of Autumn are inspiration enough for a fall themed wedding.  Reds, golds, oranges, browns, and greens can be incorporated in just about every aspect of the wedding including the flowers and bridesmaid dresses.  Using a harvest theme, "Fall in Love" leaf motif, or a fall fruit such as ripening apples can also provide a great base for an Autumn inspired wedding.  When it comes to the reception decorations or centerpieces, focus on nature's abundance and utilize things like gourds, fall leaves, pumpkins, berries, apples, and corn along


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