Different Types of Flowers For Your Wedding Day

Wedding is the most memorable day of any woman's life. They tend to weave their dreams around perfect marriage to such an extent that they would have made list after list about it to the minutest detail possible. I am sure you would have also started making such a list or already have one handy? No wedding is complete without beautiful flower arrangements. But have you ever given it a thought which flower you would want to have about the thousand options possible? There are various wedding flowers available that symbolizes certain things and at the same time makes your entire wedding destination elegant and graceful. Let us have a look at some of these wedding flowers so that you can decide for yourself the blossom and the fragrance for your


Summer Wedding Color Trends

It is summer, the wedding season, and that means that women all over the country are laying out dresses of a myriad of different colors for their bridesmaids to don on their big day.  So, how do you know what colors are best to theme your summer wedding around if you are going to be in the same situation next summer?  Well, perhaps the best way to go about choosing your color is to let the season be your guide.  Consider nature this time of year and take a cue from it.  What colors naturally appear together, and as a result, would look beautiful side by side on your wedding day?  Choosing one color is usually not too hard a task, but if you want to bring in splashes of more than one, then consider these color combos that are inspired by


Modern Wedding Color Combinations

It used to be that white was one of the only colors you saw at a wedding. Maybe one other accent color like black or silver might appear, but that was it. Cakes were white and flowers were white. No one dared splash color in. Every ribbon, bow, and favor item had to be white or you would be looked upon as a rebel. And no one wanted to break out of the expected traditions. All that has changed though and brides are glad. Today, brides and grooms have no rules when it comes to color. There are bright orange wedding dresses and dark green cakes. Brides have come down the aisle wearing red shoes and tables have been draped in bright purple and pink. Bridesmaids now don’t even wear the same dress style, but just the same color palate. So anything


Daisy Themed Wedding Ideas

If you’re in love with daisy flowers, you can incorporate them into many aspects of your wedding. If you are having one of many Summer weddings when daisies are plentiful, wonderful. If not, you can still use silk daisies for your accents. They’ll last forever. You may want to do a combination of both since florists can now get daisies any time of year. The daisy is a sweet white flower with a yellow center. That’s what most people think of when they think of the kind of daisies that grow wild. But did you know that there are many shades of daisies from bright red to bright orange and even all green? Make use of the many colors of daisies and you can add pops of color all throughout your day. Start off with your attire. You can either


Going Yellow With Your Wedding

Chances are, if you are planning a spring or summer wedding, yellow may have crossed your mind for your main colors. However, it's sometimes tough to find a second color when it comes to yellow, because it's such a bold color as it is. You may even be worried about the black tuxes making your yellow dresses look like a giant bumble-bee wedding. Well just like any colors, if you play your cards right, the color scheme will make your wedding party sparkle almost as much as you. When it comes to yellow, you have two main options for yellow wedding cakes, dresses, flowers, decor and even wedding favors. There is the bright 'mango' or 'daisy' yellow or there is the subtle 'sunflower' or 'buttercup' yellow. We've put together a couple different


Butterfly Themed Wedding or Shower Cupcakes

Spring has sprung in most of the U.S. which means that the butterflies and birds are returning.  Why not incorporate a touch of Spring into your wedding or bridal shower by using a butterfly theme on your cupcakes?  Not sure if cupcakes (versus a classic layer cake) are the right choice for your wedding?  Check out this Squidoo lens which covers the pros and cons of using cupcakes and has a wide range of fantastic wedding cupcake ideas!  If cupcakes aren't your thing, be sure to check out my post featuring butterfly cakes in the very near future. Once you've decided cupcakes are for you, then choosing the theme is the first step.  As you can see in the montage of photos below, you can incorporate silk butterflies on flowers or gum paste and


Black, Yellow & White Wedding Cakes

Calling all modern brides! This fresh and cheerful color scheme should be right up your alley. The traditional black and white color scheme can be brought into the 21st century by pairing it with bright sunny yellow accents. I absolutely love this color scheme for spring and summer weddings! If you've been a Here Comes The Blog follower, you know that I'm all about the dessert so I went on a quest to find my favorite black and white wedding cakes that featured bold yellow accents. What I found was a fantastic mix of both traditional and modern wedding cakes that I wanted to share with you. Check out the collection of cake ideas below.  Notice how black and white is used as the primary color scheme, but all of the cakes utilize bright


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