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How To Make The Best Wedding Flower Arrangements

There are some people who opt to do wedding flower arrangements by themselves and some may do this to save up money during the wedding process and some may just love the idea of making the arrangements themselves. Wedding flower arrangements are more complicated than other types of flower arrangements and they are much harder than creating bouquets. If you are looking to make the flower arrangements yourself, there are a few things that could help. Type of Flowers Select the type of wedding flowers you want. The best thing about this is that you have numerous options as you could go with White Lilies, Calla Lilies, Daisies, Orchids, Peonies, Lilacs, Tulips etc. Go with flowers that appeal to everyone because even though it’s your day, 


Garden Wedding Decoded - How To Plan For The Perfect Garden Wedding

Are you planning for classy outdoor marriage with a tightly held budget? Or all your favorite churches and venues over-booked? The answer might be just around the corner and you ignored it all along. How about giving your garden a shot? Few decor trips and landscaping might get you the perfect outdoor - garden wedding that you would have always dreamed for yourself. To start with, you need a wedding arch. You can find it in any craft store made of metal or wood. Start decorating it with wedding flowers. What can be a better bet, than a floral arch? You can combine it up with alluring flowers like daisies, tulips, roses and calla lilies. You can also have theme for the wedding and accordingly choose the arch based on those colors and the climate


Different Types of Flowers For Your Wedding Day

Wedding is the most memorable day of any woman's life. They tend to weave their dreams around perfect marriage to such an extent that they would have made list after list about it to the minutest detail possible. I am sure you would have also started making such a list or already have one handy? No wedding is complete without beautiful flower arrangements. But have you ever given it a thought which flower you would want to have about the thousand options possible? There are various wedding flowers available that symbolizes certain things and at the same time makes your entire wedding destination elegant and graceful. Let us have a look at some of these wedding flowers so that you can decide for yourself the blossom and the fragrance for your


Top Ten Wedding Flowers

When you’re planning the part of your wedding day that includes the flowers, you’ll want to go with flowers that speak to you personally. What do you love? What makes you giddy with delight? If you’re not really sure what types of flowers are even available for weddings, why not see what other brides are using on their big days. Florists tend to stock the most asked-for flowers and you may even be able to get a deal on them if they are in abundance in the season you marry. But even if you fall in love with a certain flower and it’s not in season, any florist can have your flowers flown in for you from a grower anywhere in the world. Note: No matter which flowers you choose, don't forget to rent or purchase wedding vases to hold


Calla Lily Wedding Favors

There is no shortage of charming calla lily wedding favors. If you have chosen this classic flower as part of your wedding theme, you will have no trouble finding elegant favors to provide your guests. Your best friend in searching for budget-friendly yet attractive calla lily favors is an online shop. The selection will be more extensive than a brick and mortar store and you can order easily any time of the day or night. Moreover, though, it makes for one less thing you have to run around and do is always a help. Live Bulbs A darling idea for a calla lily favor is a live bulb. You can order the bulbs in bulk online and wrap them in tulle and ribbon for each guest. When they plant the bulb and again when the flower blooms, they’ll


Calla Lily Wedding Inspiration Board

The long graceful lines, showy blooms, and wide array of colors available make the calla lily a popular flower choice amongst today's brides.  These traits are also what make it a popular choice for florists, cake bakers, and wedding accessory designers.  Calla lilies now grace weddings appearing in everything from the bridal bouquet to the wedding reception centerpieces to the wedding guest favors. In a future post, we'll explore the many colors that calla lilies are available in, but today, for this inspiration board, we have focused on the traditional white or ivory calla lily.  And please bear in mind, that traditional doesn't need to mean outdated....calla lilies can be arranged in up-to-date modern ways to create a contemporary


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