Cherry Blossom

Wedding Inspiration for a Purple Passion Color Scheme

When planning a wedding and choosing colors, many brides bring out the usual suspects – pinks, whites, creams, blues, silvers, and even chocolate.  But you want something different; you want something that sparkles, that impresses even as it surprises.  For you, purple is perfect.  Long associated with royalty – because kings and queens were once the only ones who could afford the luxurious dye used to create purple garments – purple is very rich, extremely varied, and always interesting.  You could play it safe with soft lavenders, or you begin incorporating some purple passion into your big day. Light purple colors are lovely, and they can be quite intriguing when paired with shades of pale or baby pink, lime green, powder blue,


Asian Wedding Favors

Asian themed weddings are quite popular, and there are so many ways to create this theme for your guests in an entirely new way. The favors you choose will help set the mood and carry your theme throughout the day. Online sites are excellent sources for hard-to-find Asian wedding favors. Here are some ideas to get you started. Double Happiness The double happiness sign is very traditional for an Asian wedding. The symbol stands for wishes of life-long happiness for the bride and groom. Why not wish your guests well with a take-home place card holder in the symbol of the double happiness characters? There are also many other items that bear the double happiness sign. You’ll find everything from candles to boxes to bags emblazoned with


Black, White, and Pink Wedding Cakes

Black, White & Pink....the perfect color scheme for the bride that loves pink, but doesn't want to overwhelm her groom and guests with too much of the "girly" color. The great thing about pink is the variety of shades available ranging from fuchsia to dainty light pink to a bright hot pink and best of all, they all go with black and white perfectly. Adding a splash of your favorite shade of pink to things like the floral bouquets, wedding favors, and of course, the wedding cake is the perfect way to incorporate pink into the color scheme without going over the top. In search of the perfect wedding cake....a picture is worth a thousand words so I've put together a montage of photos of some of my favorite black, pink and white wedding cakes


Cherry Blossom Theme Wedding Cakes

Spring is just around the corner which means that it will soon be time for the cherry blossoms around the Washington D.C. tidal basin to be in full bloom. It just so happens that Spring is the season when brides choose cherry blossoms as the central theme for their wedding. These days brides incorporate cherry blossoms into the reception centerpieces, bridal bouquets, wedding favors and of course, the wedding cake. Traditionally, cherry blossom cakes feature brown stems with light pink to almost white blooms on the branches that meander gracefully up and down the cake tiers. Recently though, many brides are still using the cherry blossom motif, but they are incorporating other colors such as purple, teal green, light blue, and mauve into the


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