Golf Themed Wedding Ideas

For the couple who loves to golf, there are so many ways to create an interesting and fun wedding around the sport. Here are a few ideas to get you started. If you can, get out on the greens. Having the actual ceremony out on the golf course would be a delightful surprise. You can use a golf cart to convey any guests who are unable to walk. If a country club is on the premises, by all means, use it! You’ll probably have to book well in advance, so check out dates early. You’ll have very little decorating to do since the surroundings will be so beautiful. Decorate a golf cart with flowers and streamers to drive off in after the ceremony. Even if you’re only going a few yards back to the country club it will be a fun exit. Choose


Bridesmaid Luncheon Ideas

If you want to host a luncheon for your bridesmaid gifts, you’ll need some ideas to make it fun and lighthearted. After all, these are your best pals and some of them have had to travel and go to great expense to get to buy the dress, stay at a hotel, and purchase your gift. This is your chance to repay them with a fun thank you luncheon. Hold your luncheon as close to the date of the wedding as you like. If all bridesmaids are local and there’s no traveling involved, have it a few weeks before the wedding. If a few of the bridesmaids have to travel, you should have it no more than one day before the wedding. The afternoon before the wedding is a great time to host a bridesmaid’s lunch because everyone will already be there and they


Best Man Gift Ideas

A groom will definitely want to give his Best Man a token of his thanks. A gift for the Best Man should fit within your budget but also be as personal and thoughtful as possible. It’s a nice touch to give the other groomsmen gifts as well, although slightly different from the Best Man’s. Consider the Best Man’s personality. Does he like to ski? Eat out? Go to concerts? You can easily gift him with lift tickets to his favorite ski resort, a restaurant gift certificate or tickets to an upcoming live performance. Make sure the gift matches his likes or the sentiment will be lost. After all, this is supposed to be the man who is closest to you so you should finely tune your gift to his tastes. Anything engraved will be most welcomed.


Couples Wedding Shower Theme Ideas

In days past, it was only the ladies who gathered to shower a bride with gifts before her wedding. Traditionally, the bridal shower was for brides who intended on marrying an unsuitable man whom her parents refused to acknowledge. So, friends would offer to shower her with things she’d need in her new life as she had no dowry to offer. Times have changed, and now it’s an all out festival of congratulations for both the bride and groom. So, if you’re in charge of planning a Jack and Jill, (planning a couples shower) where do you start? Know their Tastes If you know the bride and groom well enough to be throwing them both a shower, you surely have some great ideas in your head already. How did they meet? Where do they like to spend


Golf Themed Wedding Cake Ideas

A few weeks ago I attended an amazing wedding at the Kiln Creek Country Club in Virginia.  The bride and groom were both avid golfers so they incorporated their love of golf in the wedding reception by utilizing personalized golf wedding favors, a golf ball shaped planter filled with flowers for the centerpieces, and a whimsical cake featuring a golf couple wedding cake topper sitting on the "green". It was the first wedding that I had attended where golfing was a prevalent component in the reception decor.  Of course, curiosity got the best of me and I decided to poke around online to find interesting wedding cake designs that feature a golf theme.  You can see some of my favorite designs in the photo collage below: What I found


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