Indian Wedding Inspiration Board

Bright vivid colors are a staple in a traditional Indian wedding and this inspiration board shows how you can mesh all those colors together to obtain a picture perfect day (or the traditional week for that matter). Beautiful and elegant are words often used to describe an Indian wedding, but understated is not a word that comes to mind for the function.  The red and gold traditional color palette is often complimented by other hues such as orange, purple, yellow and more.  The above photo montage is based on the Pantone color swatches in Claret, Sunrise, and Merlot.  If you want to use this color scheme for your wedding, you should consider picking up the Pantone color or fabric swatches at  That way you can carry them with


Indian Wedding Reception Tables

Create a truly exotic and stunning setting at your wedding by combining both Eastern and Western elements in a lush, rich color scheme.   When it comes to the color scheme, Indian weddings traditionally incorporate bright pinks, reds and purples (white is considered the color of mourning so it is not part of the Indian wedding tradition).   Indian wedding dresses normally feature elaborate beadwork and intricate embroidery and the bride wears an extensive collection of accessories such as necklaces, rings and hair ornaments.  This same color scheme and ornamentation can be carried through to the reception tables where bold colors, many flowers, and sparkling accessories can be incorporated. In the photograph (from the 2009 Weddingstar


Indian Themed Wedding Cakes

Although wedding cakes are not considered a traditional part of an Asian or Eastern Indian wedding ceremony, they are becoming increasingly popular as western traditions are infused into the traditional Indian celebrations. Typically, Indian wedding cakes incorporate elaborate designs and intricate details with Henna patterns. As you can see in the montage of photos below, the Indian wedding cakes that I found online not only incorporate traditional patterns and designs, but also vivid colors that are associated with traditional Indian weddings such as red, purple, bright pink, and orange. Image Resources: 1. the henna wedding cake., 2. mehndi inspired cake for traditional indian themed wedding. The top layer is gluten free, 3. "Roshini"


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