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Let's Run Away Together: 10 Tips For Having a Dream Elopement

While some girls may grow up planning an elaborate dream wedding, for other brides just the idea of choosing a caterer is enough to make them blanch. Even those who love poofy gowns and elaborate flower arrangements can relate to the appeal of packing up and running away for an intimate ceremony with only those who you truly love and cherish present. Elopement used to be a dirty word, but now it's a viable option for spontaneous and quirky couples who are far more in love with each other than the idea of a fancy wedding. Elopement might take as much planning as a wedding, but there are certainly still many things to consider before you run off and tie the not. 1. Make your wedding about you. Maybe you both love the fun and excitement of Las


What to Do on Your Las Vegas Honeymoon

After the stress of wedding planning, there’s nothing like a romantic honeymoon to unwind and bring you and your spouse closer than ever. While some couples opt for a tropical escape, many others head to Las Vegas for a memorable honeymoon. More than just a gambling destination, Las Vegas is quickly becoming known as one of the top wedding and honeymoon destinations among couples. From luxurious relaxation, awe-inspiring performances to breathtaking views, this city offers fun and romantic activities that cater to every personality and budget. Ready to spend the first few days of married life in Vegas? Here are a few ways to make the most out of it. photo credit: Thomas Hawk Have a romantic meal Sure, Las Vegas restaurants can


How & Where To Elope

If the thought of months of wedding planning, family arguments and huge outlays of money makes you want to run off and elope, you have a few things to consider. It may very well be a good idea for you to head off to an exotic destination or even to city hall, but your choice will not be without its own challenges. First, you risk hurting someone’s feelings. If your mom or dad had their heart set on throwing you a big wedding, count the cost of running off without them. If you just want to rush it because the thought of all that planning makes you crazy, hire someone to help out. A good wedding planner will take a lot of the work off your plate. If it’s a matter of cost, you could plan a more casual, smaller wedding and still include those


Ante Up: Vegas Wedding Guide

So you want to have a Las Vegas wedding? Whether you plan on doing a spur of the moment ceremony or want to fly in friends and family, Vegas offers an exciting backdrop for the wedding of your dreams. Getting a License First thing you will need is a marriage license. You will need to get that through the Nevada Marriage Licenses bureau. You can find them at: Clark County Court House 200 South Third Street, First Floor Las Vegas, Nevada 89115 702-455-4415 They stay open until midnight most nights, and on holidays they are open 24-hours. You’ll need to be at least 18 or have written parental consent if you’re 16 or 17. You’ll need to bring photo identifications, so call the Court House to see which documents they require to avoid


Vegas Themed Wedding Cake Ideas

Whether you are planning an actual Las Vegas wedding or you've just eloped and are having a big party back home, this collage has lots of fun ideas for incorporating the theme into your wedding cake.   Personally I associate Vegas with fun so all of these cakes are a bit whimsical.  If you are more of a traditional bride, rest assured that you can find elegant, upscale cakes for a Vegas wedding as well. Some fun decorations for a Vegas themed cake are the classic "Welcome To Las Vegas" sign, dice made from red or black fondant with white dots, playing cards (spade, heart, club, and diamond shapes), roulette wheels, and slot machines with lucky number 7's displayed or coins spilling down the side of the cake.  Another really fun idea


Black, White & Red Wedding Cakes

Add a Splash of Romance to your black and white wedding... Use red accents on your wedding accessories and of course, on your wedding cake! A classic black and white color scheme can sometimes be a bit stark and boring if it isn't done correctly, but you can avoid the "boring" label by using an accent color like red. You can see in the montage of photos below that when it comes to the cake you can go in a wide range of directions. Want a bit of whimsy? Consider a topsy-turvy style wedding cake where the layers appear misaligned and seem to tilt as though they might fall over at any minute.  For good cake bakers, the threat of a great topple is truly an illusion.  Another way to bring in a whimsical touch is through the use of interesting


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