Tips And Decoration Ideas For An Outdoor Wedding

Your wedding day will be one of the most special days of your life. On your wedding day, all of your family and friends will join together to celebrate this special day with you and your significant other, so you want to be certain every detail is perfect. From choosing the right dress to finding the perfect location for your big event, a wedding includes plenty of planning if you want it to be a success. If you have chosen to have your wedding outside and you want your wedding to be truly memorable, here are some great tips and decoration ideas for an outdoor wedding. 1. Eyes On The Sky When planning an outdoor wedding, you are going to have to pay attention to the weather because the conditions outside can drastically impact your special


Tuesday Shoesday - Spring Wedding Shoes!

Oh #tuesdayshoesday, we love you. And that's why this week, we are helping brides research some fun, Spring wedding shoes. Why not? Spring is coming up and sometimes the toughest part is finding the perfect shoes once you've found the perfect dress. So, this post is going to highlight all kinds of fun, Springy shoes! Meet the Shoes Steve Madden - Fifi - $99.99 Badgley Mischka - Karlisle - $199.99 Chinese Laundry - Baldwin - $55.99 I just love soft and subtle colors for Spring, but if you wanted to go a little crazy for color, you certainly could. The nice thing about white is that it goes with anything. So if you want something that will pop with your white wedding dress, any color is a go! Here are a few colorful Spring shoes


Daisy Themed Wedding Ideas

If you’re in love with daisy flowers, you can incorporate them into many aspects of your wedding. If you are having one of many Summer weddings when daisies are plentiful, wonderful. If not, you can still use silk daisies for your accents. They’ll last forever. You may want to do a combination of both since florists can now get daisies any time of year. The daisy is a sweet white flower with a yellow center. That’s what most people think of when they think of the kind of daisies that grow wild. But did you know that there are many shades of daisies from bright red to bright orange and even all green? Make use of the many colors of daisies and you can add pops of color all throughout your day. Start off with your attire. You can either


How to Decorate a Wedding Arch

Many brides and grooms choose to incorporate a wedding arch into their wedding ceremony or reception. Whether you’re hosting your wedding outdoors in a backyard, at a fine resort, or indoors in a simple ballroom, you can have the arch you’ve always dreamed about. Outdoors, you can go big and bold with your arch and wedding reception decorations. Think about the setting. Is it on the beach? Bring your arch down to the sand and set it up. Have palm fronds decorating it or pick your favorite flowers to drape over it. Just secure the flowers with floral twine so they don’t blow away in the wind. That goes for any arch. Secure the flowers even if they are indoors so they don’t get bumped and knocked over. You can find lightweight arches


Going Yellow With Your Wedding

Chances are, if you are planning a spring or summer wedding, yellow may have crossed your mind for your main colors. However, it's sometimes tough to find a second color when it comes to yellow, because it's such a bold color as it is. You may even be worried about the black tuxes making your yellow dresses look like a giant bumble-bee wedding. Well just like any colors, if you play your cards right, the color scheme will make your wedding party sparkle almost as much as you. When it comes to yellow, you have two main options for yellow wedding cakes, dresses, flowers, decor and even wedding favors. There is the bright 'mango' or 'daisy' yellow or there is the subtle 'sunflower' or 'buttercup' yellow. We've put together a couple different


Teal & Champagne Wedding Colors

For an elegant spring or summer wedding, you might consider using teal and champagne as your main colors. The teal makes for a beautiful accent for the season, while the champagne really brings out the chic-factor. The colors blend together very well and really play off each other wonderfully. For a spring wedding, you might choose the bridesmaid dresses with ruffly flowers on the side to play with the spring theme. Your bouquet is also another opportunity to pull out your colors. Opt for ivory-toned roses or lilies and use some teal ribbon to make them pop. The placecards seen here are actually plantable wedding favors. When the fun is had and the party is over, your guests can bring them home as a souvenir and plant gorgeous wildflowers


Using a Motif in Your Wedding Theme

One of the easiest ways to keep your wedding look cohesive is through a wedding theme.  If you’re still contemplating your theme, simply look to what you are naturally drawn to. For instance… it could be your favorite colors, a love for a certain era, a meaningful location, your culture or simply… the season of your wedding. And, to add another level of WOW and polish to your theme, consider using a signature motif or a special design element that resonates with your theme and provides a focal point within your overall wedding look. Sort of like~ icing on the cake. If threading a motif or design element throughout your wedding look sounds appealing to you {whether it’s your logo, monogram or charming lovebirds for a spring wedding


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