Say “I Do” with Vineyard Weddings in Texas

Texas Hill Country weddings are marvelous any time of year, but the pleasant weather and burgeoning wildflowers easily make spring the most popular time for couples taking their nuptials. If you are ready to make you lifetime commitment with a vineyard wedding in Texas, you’re in luck. The Lone Star State has quickly elevated itself as a prime place to nurture the grapes that create the nectar of the gods, thus making it a perfect place for a springtime wedding. Picturesque Pilot Knob Vineyard With a brand new Tasting Room and Event Center, Pilot Knob is quickly becoming a popular location for vineyard weddings in Texas. Situated along a sweeping ridgeline, the vineyard offers panoramic views of the countryside for up to 15 miles and creates


Turn Your Wedding into an Adventure and Get Married in Some Far Off Location

After you are engaged, you have to decide pretty quick where you're going to get married. Is it going to be somewhere local, maybe where your parents got married? Invite as many people as you can and have a huge celebration. That's great and I'm sure it would be fun. Expensive, but fun. If you're going to spend all that money anyway, wouldn't you love something a bit different? Many people choose to get married in far off places. Sometimes on the other side of the world. Just with their close loved ones to join in the celebrations. You're only going to do it once, so you have to decide if you want to do it at home, or if you will turn it into a big adventure. Just to give you an idea we can look at some places around the world that seem to


Dream Honeymoon Locations

Ah, the stress and frenetic pace of the wedding is over; it's time to take your honeymoon gifts enjoy yourself sunning on a beach or skiing down snowy slopes in an exotic location.  Planning your honeymoon doesn't have to be a stressful event – in fact, it can be your chance to finally go to a destination of which you've always dreamed.  Where will your dream honeymoon be? Paris, Rome, Milan, Barcelona, London, New York, Aspen, Brussels, and other premiere cities are prime destinations for newlyweds, and each is well worth the trip.  But if you want to go off the beaten path a little and have an adventure that will surely become your second favorite memory (after the big day, of course!), why not try a less traveled road? Marrakech.


Wine and Pink: Inspiration Board

If I were to be able to do my wedding over, I'd choose this wedding scheme. As a big fan of vintage concepts and romantic colors, these designs are beyond lovely to me. A new 'wine' color has been picked as a color of the year for 2011, and it's not hard to see why. It's vibrant and full of life for any occasion, especially for weddings. Best of all, this color scheme can be used in any season! Picture this as a Summer wedding, Fall, Winter or Spring! It works for them all. You might be wondering what color(s) would go well together with this so called, 'wine'. Or, better yet, you're probably not wondering because it's right in the title of this blog post. Hence, a wonderful complementary color for wine is a petal pink. In this inspiration


Wine Wedding Favors

Wine wedding favors at your wedding will really keep spirits high on your special day! There are many things you can do with a wine theme to make your favors decorative, fun, and memorable. Wine Charms These little metal and beaded or enameled charms are designed as a set, but each one is unique. The idea is that when guests at a party put their unique charm around the stem of their glass, they’ll be able to find it again if they put it down. These are a fun item to include as a favor, and they’re pretty too! Wine Glasses Today’s personalized wine glasses are available in fine crystal. You can order stemless wine glasses or glasses with traditional stems. You can even have all sorts of logos and designs or monograms printed


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