Winter Wedding Inspiration

There are so many winter colors out there that look stunning when put together. Of course, there are the natural picks (white, light blue, midnight blue, burgundy, pine green) and other picks that are earth tones (brown, light green, blue) and more. So when it comes to planning your wedding colors, consider where you are having your wedding ceremony and reception. Will you be somewhere with lots of snow? Then maybe opt for the lighter colors such as light blue and white. If your winter wedding is going to be in a ritzy location such as a glam hotel or chalet, then maybe burgundy, green, or midnight blue would be practical. Don't forget the overlooked essentials for winter weddings such as gold, platinum, and silver. These colors look great


Winter Wedding Flower & Centerpiece Suggestions

Winter is known for it's beautiful white fields, snow covered trees, and warm crackling fires.  Having a winter wedding can incorporate items that traditionally would not be thought of for wedding decorations. When decorating for a winter wedding, your colors might include white, purple, and blue, centerpieces might even include ice sculptures, ice like stones in clear, blue, and purple hues, or even heavy, soft fabrics such as faux furs incorporated as small table runners.  Candles of all shapes and sizes can also be used as centerpieces and are often more beautiful in winter than at any other time of year. Pine Pine trees are the one of the most recognizable symbols of winter.  Pine products can be brought in to incorporate winter


Think Outside The Chest - Modern Favor Ideas

You may have seen my earlier post (aqua blue box ideas) where I suggested using treasure chest boxes for a shell themed wedding favor OR a blue chest with white ribbon for a Tiffany blue color scheme or a Something Blue wedding theme.  Here are some more fun ideas for using a chest-shaped box to create one-of-a-kind favors for your wedding guests.  Start with a simple treasure chest-shaped aqua blue favor box and embellish it for your wedding theme or season. To create the vintage look in the upper right corner of this collage, look to flapper girls of the 1920's or Victorian hats worn in the 1800's for inspiration.  This box was created using simple white feathers, ribbon, and natural floral components that can all be purchased


Valentine Wedding Inspiration Board

If you've selected Valentine's Day for your nuptials, then you are likely a true romantic at heart. Injecting that romance into the ceremony and reception can be accomplished in many ways. For example, choose a romantic location for your wedding such as a local bed and breakfast, castle or even a winery. When it comes to a color scheme, red is synonymous with Valentine's Day and using it in all aspects of the wedding is a great way to infuse a bit of romance. As you can see in my inspiration board below, I like wedding dresses with red accents or red bridesmaid dresses at a minimum. A classic black tux with a modern red tie pairs perfectly with the color scheme. Red roses are the obvious choice for Valentine's Day flowers, but there are plenty


Winter Wedding Cake Toppers

When it comes to winter wedding cakes, there are many unique and unusual wedding cake toppers that incorporate the winter wedding theme. Consider the skiing couple shown in the photo below for example. This clever cake baker used round coconut-covered cake layers to act as the "snow" for the skiing wedding couple. By tilting the final layer, it looks as though the couple is skiing down the slopes. What a cute idea! Other options for winter wedding cake toppers include things such as snow globes, wooden or metal sleds, and even crystal winter scenes. Hand-blown crystal cake toppers and decorative snow globes are keepsakes that can be cherished by the couple for years to come. If you are a bit more whimsical, find a cute penguin or snowman


Winter Wedding Cakes

Depending on the exact month of the big day, winter wedding couples can take advantage of several color scheme or theme options. If the wedding is in December, then a wedding cake that incorporates a red and green color scheme, Christmas tree ornaments, and cake tiers that are shaped like Christmas gifts may be entirely appropriate. However my favorite winter wedding cakes usually incorporate a icy blue and/or silver color scheme along with natural organic elements such as pine cones, berries, and "snow-covered" branches (really sugar).  You can opt to add a bit of whimsy to a winter wedding cake by incorporating snowmen, penguins, or even polar bears sculpted from modeling chocolate or colored fondant. One of my favorite winter cake accents


Winter Wedding Inspiration Board

When I think winter wedding, I think "Walking in a Winter Wonderland". Icy blue, white, silver, and a snowflake motif would be key elements in my ideal winter wedding. While searching for some inspiration at Polyvore, I found some amazing reception decoration ideas that you can see in the montage of photos below. You don't have to be outside to create the feeling of a winter wonderland. The use of painted white trees uplit with blue lights along with pine trees covered in fake snow can set the scene perfectly. For tableware, I love silver chargers with white plates and then icy blue stemware. Of course, a snowflake adorned wedding cake with silvery glitter sugar is a must as well. When it comes to the wedding gown, I like a bodice with a bit


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