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We welcome submissions from brides, photographers, venues, florists, weddings planners, and other wedding industry professionals.  We believe in giving our fashion-forward readers creative and unique ideas that they can utilize when planning their own weddings.  And a good story to go along with the photos is always a big plus.

Our real wedding posts feature a wide range of candid shots that cover all aspects of the wedding so we typically like to use somewhere between 20 and 50 images.  You can submit your real wedding on the form below.

Please keep in mind the following when submitting a real wedding:

  • Submissions must be exclusive to Here Comes The Blog.  The same wedding cannot be published elsewhere.
  • Once a wedding is submitted to us for consideration, it cannot be retracted.
  • Please create only one submission per wedding.
  • You must own the rights to the images that you upload OR you must have a written release from the photographer with permission to use the images.
  • Horizontal images must be at least 700 pixels wide and vertical images at least 350 pixels wide.
  • We prefer individual images to be uploaded (not collages).  Dropbox is our preferred method of delivery so you can simply upload the images there and then share the url on the submission form below.
  • Please include as many details and personal stories as possible with the images.  If you are an industry professional, please be sure to contact the bride to ask for her input.
  • Please include a list of vendors with links to their sites.
  • If you are a wedding professional, we will include a link back to your business website at the top of the post (as well as in the vendor section).

If you have questions, please email us at



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At Here Comes The Blog, we like to cover every aspect of the wedding so while you don’t need to necessarily fill out all of the following sub-sections, please be as detailed as possible. Everyone loves a good story and the details needed to create a similar look or be inspired for their wedding.

About The Couple (required) – for example tell us how they met, the bride’s childhood wedding dreams, how they came up with their wedding vision, etc.

Theme/Color Scheme – what is the theme and color scheme and why was it chosen?

The Attire – tell us about the gown, the tuxes, the bridesmaids dresses and even the accessories like the shoes and veils.

The Ceremony – details about the ceremony location, officiant, unity/sand ceremonies, etc.

The Reception (Venue) – tell us about the decorations, guest seating chart ideas, food and beverages, party favors, etc.

Flowers – what was chosen and why?

Other Details – tidbits not covered above like favorite memory or a cool DIY or handmade project that was incorporated or ??

Advice – give your tips best wedding planning tip to other brides

We want to give credit where credit is due and give other brides resources for their weddings.


Wedding Planner



Wedding Gown Shop

Wedding Accessory/Favor Shop

Other Vendors

Dropbox is our preferred method for receiving photos. You can upload your photos and we can download them easily and quickly.

• Typically, we will include 5 to 10 photos with each of the details sections that you filled out above. So we need a total of 20 to 50 images.
• Please make sure that you have permission from your photographer to share your photos and publish them on HCTB. Have them sign a release form.
• Horizontal images should be 700 pixels wide and vertical images should be 350 pixels wide (without watermarks please).
• Please do not send or upload high resolution photos (72 dpi is perfect). NOTE: If your photos are larger than 1 MB each, they are too big.

Enter the link to your Dropbox Gallery (required):

We do our best to respond to all submissions within 2 weeks. Please note that once your submission has been accepted for publication on HCTB, we do ask that we have the exclusive rights for the wedding. Typically weddings are published within 60 days of acceptance.

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