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DIY Backyard Wedding Planning Guide

Saying “I do,” in a comfortable, rustic backyard can be a perfect start to a lifetime of domestic bliss and a great way to treat your friends to a beautiful reception in a warm, homey atmosphere. Not only are backyards a perfect place to tie the knot, they can also be a great location that does not cost as much as traditional reception areas. There are as many types of backyard receptions as there are couples, and the options are endless when it comes to decor. Here are a few tips for the DIY backyard wedding of your dreams! Emphasize The Meaning Of The Location One of the best things about a backyard wedding is the chance it gives you to spend your special day in a location that has meaning for you and your family. Highlight the importance


5 Tips for Having a Reception at Your House

It seems like we are seeing more and more people starting to hold receptions in homes. Whether it's at their own home, at the home of their parents, or their neighbor's house up the street, homes are becoming one of the more common places to hold wedding receptions. Some people hold their receptions in their homes to save money. This is obviously a very inexpensive way to hold a reception. Without having to pay that extra money on a reception venue, people are able to save thousands of dollars. They are then able to put that money into savings, or use it for other expenses of the wedding and reception. Others have their reception in their home because they feel it is more intimate. Especially with smaller weddings, homes provide a more


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