bridal emergency kit

What to Pack in Your Wedding Day Emergency Kit

Careful planning can prevent most wedding day emergencies – like not having your rings or failing to bring waterproof mascara.  But no matter how well prepared you are, there are little situations that arise that can go from a little inconvenience to a major problem in no time.  A blister, for instance.  If you are ready with a Band-Aid and a little pad for the back of your shoe, you’re all set.  If not, then your walk down the aisle may become a hobble down the aisle.  To prevent this, and other day-ruiners, it is a great idea to have a wedding day emergency kit. What should you pack, besides those Band-Aids? Your wedding emergency kit should be customized to meet your needs as a bride (or groom.  Grooms can have emergencies, too!).  


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