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Booking Bride/Bridesmaid Spa Weekend Packages

After the hard work you’ve put into planning every detail of your wedding, it’s time for a little relaxation. Why not offer bridesmaid gifts of a spa weekend? It’s a lovely time to gather as girlfriends for the last time before you become a Mrs. Just about every hotel that has spa services offers spa weekend packages. You’ll need to check your own state’s hotel directories and locate the perfect spa for you. But here are some guidelines to use when planning your perfect spa getaway. Decide if this will be an adults-only weekend or if you want to include the flower girl and/or junior bridesmaids. If you do, make sure you give their parents time to schedule in your weekend. You might just want to have the younger girls join you


Bridesmaid Luncheon Ideas

If you want to host a luncheon for your bridesmaid gifts, you’ll need some ideas to make it fun and lighthearted. After all, these are your best pals and some of them have had to travel and go to great expense to get to buy the dress, stay at a hotel, and purchase your gift. This is your chance to repay them with a fun thank you luncheon. Hold your luncheon as close to the date of the wedding as you like. If all bridesmaids are local and there’s no traveling involved, have it a few weeks before the wedding. If a few of the bridesmaids have to travel, you should have it no more than one day before the wedding. The afternoon before the wedding is a great time to host a bridesmaid’s lunch because everyone will already be there and they


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