Bridesmaid Gift Ideas for Every Personality Type

Choosing the bridesmaids was the easy part (believe it or not).  Finding appropriate gifts for them is the big challenge.  You want something that says, “I am genuinely grateful that you participated in our big day.”  But finding a gift that communicates that idea to each of the women’s different personalities is challenging. Check out these bridesmaid gift ideas; surely you will find something that appeals to each of the personas in your party. The Hollywood Wanna-Be Tickets for a local theater production Gift certificates to a local movie theater A veg-at-home movie gift basket complete with the latest blockbuster on blu ray and microwave popcorn The Can’t-Sit-Still Girl Gift certificate for ballroom dancing


Bridesmaid Luncheon Ideas

If you want to host a luncheon for your bridesmaid gifts, you’ll need some ideas to make it fun and lighthearted. After all, these are your best pals and some of them have had to travel and go to great expense to get to buy the dress, stay at a hotel, and purchase your gift. This is your chance to repay them with a fun thank you luncheon. Hold your luncheon as close to the date of the wedding as you like. If all bridesmaids are local and there’s no traveling involved, have it a few weeks before the wedding. If a few of the bridesmaids have to travel, you should have it no more than one day before the wedding. The afternoon before the wedding is a great time to host a bridesmaid’s lunch because everyone will already be there and they


How Long Before the Wedding Should You Choose the Bridal Party?

If you’re like most newly engaged women, your mind is off in dreamland planning the perfect wedding day. You’re thinking about what your dress will look like, where you’ll have the reception, and what’s going to be on the menu. Soon, you’ll start wondering who you should ask to be in your bridal party—and when should you ask them? These are important details to attend to. As soon as you become engaged you’re going to want to get things started right away. Even with all the excitement, you want to take the time to plan each detail carefully. Before you name your bridal party and tell all your friends and family, you’ll want to sit down with your fiancé and have a discussion. Who is he thinking of asking to be groomsmen?


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