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Why It Pays To Hire An Expert Wedding Photographer For Your Wedding

Your wedding is certainly the most important day in your life and you surely do not want to ruin it in any way. People look for various ways to cut down on costs when they are planning their wedding. One of them is by assigning the wedding photography work to one of their friend’s rather than hiring a professional photographer. 5 Reasons Why To Hire a Professional An amateur photographer may be good at clicking random pictures but for an occasion as special as your wedding, you obviously want good pictures. This are several reasons why the work of wedding photography is best handed over to a professional wedding photographer. First and foremost, the professional wedding photographer brings a lot of experience with him on the table. Your


Disposable Cameras - Capture Those Spontaneous Reception Moments

Even in the digital age, disposable cameras are still a fun way to add lots of casual photos to your wedding collection. The secret is to leave them on all the tables so that guests can take photos of the reception as they see it unfolding. No two people will see it from the same perspective, so you will get lots of different shots. Disposable cameras are preferable over digital in this incidence because you can’t very well leave a bunch of digital cameras out on all the tables, but you can invest a few dollars in some disposable Kodaks and get some fun memories out of it. A few thoughts. Many companies make disposable wedding cameras. They have white flowers on the casings or some other wedding themed design. While they are attractive,


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