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The Ins and Outs of Wedding Packages on Daily Deals Websites

Weddings are an expensive business, that’s just a fact. No matter what kind of day you want, as soon as you add ‘wedding’ to ‘party’ nine times out of ten suddenly the price goes up. In the current economic climate that can make getting hitched quite a challenge – no one wants to have to budget so much on that special day that it doesn’t feel like a special day at all. One solution to this has appeared in the form of wedding packages offered by daily deals websites like Deal Zippy. We’re all familiar with the idea of the daily deals website – a discounted service that’s available to buy only for a certain amount of time – but you may not have considered buying a wedding package in this way. So, is it really a good idea? The


Wedding Crafts: Why Having A Creative Streak Can Help With A Shoestring Wedding

I have always been an avid craft enthusiast, making cards and trinkets since I was 13 years old. This love of crafts and all things handmade has come in handy several times over the last 12 years, particularly for weddings. Whether it has been my own wedding or that of friends, I have always managed to use my creative side in order to save some cash whilst not compromising on quality! I thought that for this post I would have a bit of a reminisce about the weddings I have been involved in and you never know, it may spark off some ideas for your big day! My Wedding I married my teenage sweetheart Simon nearly 5 years ago. We didn’t have a huge budget and so I wanted to make it stretch as far as possible. I had always been a card maker


How To Avoid Going In Debt For Your Wedding

If you are planning a wedding, you are probably well aware of this statistic:  the average wedding costs over $25,000.  You think to yourself, “How do people afford that? I have nowhere near that much saved!”  Well, the average couple probably doesn’t either. Many couples go into debt in order to have their fairytale wedding; but you can have a fantastic, memorable, and unique day while staying within your predetermined budget.  But how? Say you are going to have that $25,000 wedding: according to the WeddingReport, couples today pay about 58 percent of the total cost, or, for our example, $14,500.  The bride’s parents pay an average of 21 percent, or $5250, while the groom’s parents pay an average of 14 percent, or $3500. 


How To Find Sponsors To Help Pay For Your Wedding

When you consider that many couples now pay for their own weddings, it’s only natural that brides and grooms have started looking for sponsors to help cover the costs of their weddings. You may have heard about this and wondered what everyone was talking about. Why would someone want to help pay for your wedding? Good question. First, it’s not that anyone is going to outlay cash for you to use for your wedding. You may, however, get companies to donate their wares towards your big day. The reason they might want to is so that they get more exposure. Here’s an example of how you do it. You see a cake in a bakery window or at someone else’s wedding and want it for yours. You call the bakery and that gorgeous cake is out of your price


20 Great Ways to Save Money on Your Wedding

Everyone’s in the same boat during hard economic times. If you’re planning a wedding, no doubt you are looking for ways to save money. There are many ways to cut costs that will not impact the beauty of your day. Look for some ways in addition to these to save even more money and you’ll come out with money left to spare. 1.      Go with silk flowers. 2.      Go without wedding favors. 3.      Choose a less expensive cake or go with cupcakes. 4.      Cut the guest list down. 5.      Forego the expensive invitations and make them yourself. 6.      Borrow items. 7.      Go for a vintage wedding dress. 8.      Skip the rehearsal dinner. 9.      Make it a morning wedding and have a brunch. 10. 


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