choosing a wedding photographer

Why It Pays To Hire An Expert Wedding Photographer For Your Wedding

Your wedding is certainly the most important day in your life and you surely do not want to ruin it in any way. People look for various ways to cut down on costs when they are planning their wedding. One of them is by assigning the wedding photography work to one of their friend’s rather than hiring a professional photographer. 5 Reasons Why To Hire a Professional An amateur photographer may be good at clicking random pictures but for an occasion as special as your wedding, you obviously want good pictures. This are several reasons why the work of wedding photography is best handed over to a professional wedding photographer. First and foremost, the professional wedding photographer brings a lot of experience with him on the table. Your


Top Ten Tips For Choosing a Wedding Photographer

As your big day approaches, one of the many big decisions that need to be made is your choice of wedding photographer. At first glance, they might all seem the same. Unfortunately however, this is a misconception that has led to many regretful brides. Should you find yourself trying to choose the perfect photographer for your wedding, here are ten simple tips for doing just that. Know Your Budget Most people are surprised to learn that wedding photography typically amounts to around twelve percent of the overall wedding budget. The best way to start your search is therefore to write down exactly how much you can, and cannot, afford to spend. Know What You Want Different photographers provide different services and if you don’t


The ABC's Of Picking The Perfect Wedding Photographer

You’ve chosen a wedding gown, booked a venue, and met with your caterers and florists—now what’s next on the list of wedding must-dos? Picking the perfect photographer! One of the most important decisions you and your future spouse need to take when planning your special day is hiring a good wedding photographer. Sure, anyone with a camera can take photos, but not everyone can take photos that justify the moment. Photos are not mere snapshots or summaries of your big day. Photos capture a wedding’s intimate moments and preserve them for a lifetime. So before your Uncle Bob or Cousin Mary takes blurry photos of you walking down the aisle or drinking champagne with your other half, here are the ABCs of choosing the perfect wedding photographer: Ask


Artistic vs. Reporting Photography for your Big Day

There is a tendency for wedding couples to increasingly choose documentary style photography for their big day instead of the former artistic alternative. Both have their merits without doubt and though the aforementioned is currently more popular, imaginative and creative photography still has its fans. However, for brides and grooms it’s nice to be able to weigh up the options and the benefits one has over the other. Memorable Both documentary style and artistic photos are memorable for different reasons and both add to the day in different ways. Obviously, the documentary style images make for a quite comprehensive account of the special day. In years to come, this comprehensive approach is something to cherish. Equally, the artistic


Tips On Choosing the Right Wedding Photographer

Getting those memories down on paper, or stored online for for many years to come, is only one of the big decisions you will be making in relation to your wedding. However, it is the decision that will have the longest life. Choosing the right photographer can be a tricky task. You should take a composite view towards this decision making process. Here is a guide to some of the things to be on the look out for. It is your special day, and so let's get it right. Experience. You may choose your photographer based on all of their experience. You may choose your photographer based on their experience with weddings. If you are looking for something unique, a photographer who is very skilled in their job, and not necessarily one who does weddings


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