common wedding mistakes

6 Disasters That Could Strike on Your Big Day and How to Avoid Them

Unless you're a very lucky person there's going to be something that goes wrong at your wedding. Maybe it's so small that you don't even notice it and that would be amazing, but then you have things at the other end of the scale which could put a dent in your day. You're a smart woman and I presume you know life isn't all laughing children and chocolate cakes. Nothing is perfect and why should your big day be any different? Once you accept that something could go wrong it's time to ensure it doesn't, or at least ensure the main things that could go wrong run smoothly. First you need to know the main things that can go wrong. This will mean you can prepare yourself before it happens and you'll know what to do when it does. After you know what


Don't Panic; It's Only Your Wedding Day

In the build up to your wedding day, you’ll probably be frantically making those last-minute preparations and adjustments: making sure the caterers are prepared, the flowers are going to arrive on schedule and all the guests know the way to the church. But ultimately, however much time you spend agonizing and fretting over the event, you can’t control every aspect of it. Even if you’ve endlessly rehearsed your wedding dance, the lead singer of your band could still lose his voice the night before. Even if you scour the calendar against various weather reports from the last decade to find the most probable sun-filled day, it still might pour with rain. Something as large and unpredictable as a wedding is impossible to control. I’m


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