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What to Know Before Planning Your Destination Wedding

Planning a destination wedding is full of challenges. Aside from the usual considerations of a traditional wedding, there are other factors that you need to know. To make sure your wedding is a relaxing treat for you and your guests, here are the things that you must include in your planning. Where You Want to be Wed The first thing to decide on for a destination wedding is where you want to be wed. Would it be along the coasts of an exotic island? Are you going for the serene beauty of an out-of-town garden or be more adventurous and declare your love atop a mountain? The ‘where’ is important because this is the basis of all the other considerations. Who is Attending Your Wedding? Traditional weddings require an RSVP to determine


The Pros & Cons of Destination Weddings

My sister is struggling with this choice right now. She would love to have a combo wedding and honeymoon someplace fabulous, but she is really torn about the fact that a lot of people will skip it because of the expense. For the couple getting married, it can actually be cheaper, and less stressful to book a wedding package at a resort over a long weekend. The guests, however, unless you are footing the entire bill, may not be as excited about spending money on airfare. Here are the pros and cons to figure out if a destination wedding is right for you.  Pros:  Your wedding will be memorable, and you’ll have a place to return to for special anniversaries.  Statistically, you will spend 40% less on a destination wedding and only


5 Reasons Why More People Are Having Destination Weddings

A wedding is an important and special time for a bride and groom. Together, they stand before all their family and friends and declare their love and promise to each other. A wedding should be a magical and memorable day that a couple can cherish forever, and more and more people are choosing an all-inclusive destination wedding for this special day. 1. The Cost Weddings can be expensive. Even small features can create big costs. Couples considering a destination wedding might discover that a destination wedding could actually cost less than a typical wedding. Destination weddings usually have fewer guests, so couples can save money on food and wedding favors. Couples having a destination wedding can also save on decor because the location


Long Distance Wedding Planning

Planning the perfect wedding is like trying to make dreams come true – very difficult to pull off or just plain impossible. For many couples, the ideal wedding is in an exotic location – perhaps it’s somewhere you've been hankering to visit for ages and at last you have the excuse, or maybe it’s somewhere that played a key role in your relationship.  The pressure on this once-in-a-lifetime occasion coupled with the distant location can make the process of planning it very stressful. Here are some handy hints to take the stress out of planning a long-distance wedding: Research is the key: you think you finished hitting the books in school? Far from it! The key to a successful long-distance wedding is in the preparation. Start


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