De-Stress Before Your Wedding

You've finally made it. Through thick and thin, highs and lows, you have developed a romance even the best dating sites couldn't create. You're getting married to the man of your dreams. This is a major milestone in your life; a celebration of the joy and happiness you bring to each other's lives. Yet this landmark in your relationship isn't all sunshine and butterflies. Planning a wedding is a stressful process that can wear on your emotions. Before your big day hits, you will need to de-stress so you will look as gorgeous as ever walking down the aisle. A) Indulge While it's important that you're able to fit into that gorgeous gown, you also need foods that contain vitamins to help stabilize your mood. Eating foods with vitamins B2 and B12


National Spa Week!

UPDATED 9-21-2010 If you're on the West Coast and Chicago: Spa week was SEPTEMBER 13-19. However, there was so much interest and calls made to the salons that some of the spas on the West coast have decided to extend Spa Week for their customers! Check out the details and see salons in you neck of the woods here: If you're in the East Coast, Midwest and Toronto: Spa week is OCTOBER 11-17. Yesterday was the first day you could BOOK your $50 appointments for Spa Week. So what is Spa Week? Spa Week was created and founded by Cheryl Reid, who hails from successful careers within the luxury spa industry and publishing spheres. Joining Spa Week again for the Fall 2010 Event, sponsors include Dove Deodorant: Title Sponsor; Allure


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