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Biding Your Time for the Bride Bling

Are you almost engaged to your boyfriend but waiting for the official proposal? Are you wondering what’s taking him so long? Does he know what kind of ring to buy? And most importantly, have you decided what kind of ring you want? Well, the good news is that the most important search is over. You’ve found each other. Whew! Now, the fun begins of finding and buying an engagement ring. How can you help your man make the process as smooth as possible? What To Buy To start with, figure out what style setting and diamond shape you like. Unless you are not particular and want to be completely surprised, I recommend dropping some hints to your beau, or better yet, just coming right out and telling him what it is that you like. After all,


To Buy Or Not To Buy Diamonds Online – That Is The Question

There is no doubt about it.  Today, an increasing number of people are buying their engagement rings and wedding rings online. By the same token, however, most online diamond retailers understand that buying diamonds online does not suit everyone’s tastes. Spending thousands on something that you can’t see or try on before buying can put even the most internet-savvy shoppers off.  In addition, buying something as personal as an engagement ring can be difficult to do "at a distance". So, why is it that more and more people are turning to the internet to buy their diamonds? First and foremost, the internet provides a wonderful self educational tool, whether you are in the market for an engagement ring, new car or sofa.  Most people


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