do i need a prenup

Is a Prenup Right For Us?

What is a Prenup? A prenuptial agreement is a legal contract between a couple before they are married. It sets rules about how each person’s assets will be split up in the case of divorce. It’s safe to say that the stigma around prenuptials isn’t going away anytime soon. Talking about divorce before you even get married can really put a damper on those blissful feelings. However, many lawyers will tell you it’s one of life’s necessary evils. Who Needs One? Prenups are popular in Hollywood and generally wealthy couples in order to protect their riches. But it’s perfectly all right for a couple of lesser means to sign a prenup for their own reasons. Prenups can be used in cases where the couple has children from a previous marriage,


To Prenup or Not Prenup - That is the Question

It used to be that prenuptial agreements were viewed as negative documents that suggested the marriage was doomed even before the wedding began. But not anymore. While no one wants to focus on an untimely parting at such a happy time, smart people take a break from looking at wedding favors and are taking a look at the pluses and minuses of signing a prenup with their partner. As the very helpful site Prenuptial Agreements ( notes, “All marrying couples have a ‘prenuptial agreement’ – it is known as ‘divorce law.’” In the event of a divorce, there are certain laws that will automatically kick in. They vary by the state you reside and/or were married in, but they are very specific about what’s going


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