fairytale wedding theme

Entertainment Ideas for Your Fairytale Wedding

Full ball gown, check. Glass slippers, check. Prince charming, check. You are all set for your fairytale wedding. The only thing that would complete your happily ever after is a wedding entertainment that will be memorable for you and your guests. This part can be tricky since it involves a few elements like your budget, venue constraints and what is available in your area. Here are a few ideas that are easy to find and will surely complete your fairytale wedding theme. Character Appearances Nothing says fairytale wedding more than having a fairytale character in attendance. You can get a Major Domo to announce you as the new husband and wife or get fairy godmother to sprinkle fairy dust on you as you exit the ceremony. Whichever part


Cinderella Wedding Favors

Weddings are a time of fun and enjoyment for the whole family.  Wedding favors can sometimes be a difficult task, but themed weddings often make this task a bit simpler.  When you have opted for a true fairytale wedding and mimicked the Cinderella wedding of your childhood bedtime story, then the favor options can be just plain fun. What better way is there to give Cinderella wedding favors that represents the happily ever after that we all hope for when we say “I do.” Candy holders Tables at receptions are often adorned with candles, bells for toasting, and candies.  These settings provide a perfect opportunity to have fun with wedding favors.  Continuing with the Cinderella theme, perhaps pumpkin carriage candy holders or glass


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