fun wedding reception ideas

Three Ideas To Make Your Wedding Reception More Fun

There’s nothing worse than being at a boring wedding.  Maybe the other guests are unfriendly and aren’t willing to make new friends, or perhaps there’s nothing to do but stare at your plate and wait for the speeches to be over.  Either way, spending your day at a long and boring wedding ceremony and wedding reception is never any fun.  Every couple wants to have a memorable, fun wedding, but some couples have trouble coming up with fun activities at a formal event.  Many couples prefer to have a formal ceremony, but there are ways you can have a fun wedding reception without having to sacrifice a formal atmosphere. If you really want your guests to have fun, putting a fun twist on some traditional wedding reception activities can be


Eight Great Ways to Entertain Your Wedding Guests

When planning a wedding it is easy to get consumed with all the scheduling and budgeting details and forget to enjoy yourself and be creative with your ideas. Remember, this is your big day, to celebrate with your family and loved ones and it is important to make it memorable for you and your partner as well as your guests. Thinking of ways to keep your guests entertained can be tricky so we have come up with eight great ideas to ensure everyone has a good time. Some will take a little preparation while others are ready-made fun-solutions; take your pick depending on the time and resources you have available. Keep the kids happy Weddings can be decidedly boring for children- all those adults standing around and talking! Consider providing


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