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Wedding Inspiration: Pastel Pink

Pink, more than any other color except classic white, has been a wedding favorite for generations.  It is the color of romance, love, purity, and innocence.  It is wonderfully feminine, but it can also be the perfect accent for men's attire.  Nature provides scores of blooms from which to choose, and you will never have trouble finding pink accessories for the big day.  Here are some ideas for using pastel pink in fresh, beautiful ways to ensure your pink wedding brings your visions to life. Accent Colors for Pastel Pink. Choosing accent colors is always an important step in any wedding, and just because pastel pink is a classic doesn't mean this requires any less thought.  Accents that look great with pink are other shades of pink,


Pink Wedding Flowers

Brides can incorporate pink wedding flowers with so many fantastic color schemes so I thought I'd put together a collage of some of my favorite bridal bouquet and reception centerpiece selections. Whether you are having a pink and white; pink and chocolate; pink, black and white; or a pink-accented weddings, you have numerous choices when it comes to pink flowers. Pink is a classic, feminine flower choice that is known to signify love and romance so what better choice for a wedding? You can see some of my favorite pink flower choices in the photo below.  If you are on a budget like most brides, then you should consider the season when selecting your pink flowers.  For instance, tulips are obviously much more affordable in the Spring, while


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