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4 Tips for Saving Money on Your Wedding

Ah, you're wedding. What a special day! For many people, their wedding is the best day of their life. Not only are they marrying their best friend, but on top of that, they get to wear a beautiful dress/snazzy tux, get together with all of their closest friends and family, eat good food, take fun pictures, and dance until they drop. But what if the planning for this event is very stressful? What if the excitement of this day is clouded by the stress of how you are going to pay for all of this? Many people are on a very tight budget when trying to plan for their wedding. They still want the dress, decorations, food, etc to be as nice as possible. But they aren't working with an unlimited amount of money. If you are like most people, and


How To Avoid Going In Debt For Your Wedding

If you are planning a wedding, you are probably well aware of this statistic:  the average wedding costs over $25,000.  You think to yourself, “How do people afford that? I have nowhere near that much saved!”  Well, the average couple probably doesn’t either. Many couples go into debt in order to have their fairytale wedding; but you can have a fantastic, memorable, and unique day while staying within your predetermined budget.  But how? Say you are going to have that $25,000 wedding: according to the WeddingReport, couples today pay about 58 percent of the total cost, or, for our example, $14,500.  The bride’s parents pay an average of 21 percent, or $5250, while the groom’s parents pay an average of 14 percent, or $3500. 


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