spend less on a wedding

How To Avoid Going In Debt For Your Wedding

If you are planning a wedding, you are probably well aware of this statistic:  the average wedding costs over $25,000.  You think to yourself, “How do people afford that? I have nowhere near that much saved!”  Well, the average couple probably doesn’t either. Many couples go into debt in order to have their fairytale wedding; but you can have a fantastic, memorable, and unique day while staying within your predetermined budget.  But how? Say you are going to have that $25,000 wedding: according to the WeddingReport, couples today pay about 58 percent of the total cost, or, for our example, $14,500.  The bride’s parents pay an average of 21 percent, or $5250, while the groom’s parents pay an average of 14 percent, or $3500. 


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