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Smart Ways to Reduce Your Wedding Expenses

Your wedding will always hold a special place in your life so you will want to plan it to your best ability. However if you are planning for a big honeymoon trip, or a pretty gift for your fiance, you may have to cut down your expenses a bit to avoid going into debt. And also so that you can also take care of your future needs without any problem. So, if you are planning to have a wedding that will not be taxing on your budget, here are some quick tips to follow: Select the quiet seasons: Just like traveling, there is a peak season for wedding as well. Most of the weddings that take place during the high seasons are costly. The months from May to October are generally regarded as the best time to get married. As such there is a huge rush


Tips For Planning A Wedding on a Budget

Times are tough in this economy. It’s hitting everyone. If you’re about to start planning a wedding and are wondering how you’re going to pay for it all, don’t worry. There are plenty of budgeting strategies you can use that will help you have the wedding of your dreams without going bankrupt. Go Vintage If you love vintage style, you’re in luck. You can visit vintage shops and pick up your gown, your wedding jewelry, bridal party gifts, and maybe even your shoes. You’ll pay a fraction of what you’d pay in a retail store for brand new items and the charm will be so much more pleasing. Search for vintage shops online as well as in your home town. You might just score a beaded handbag or silk pumps from eBay. You never


Fake Cake Budget Secrets

It may be a first for you to hear, or maybe you've heard of it before, but the newest in budget weddings is staging a 'fake cake'. Basically there are all kinds of companies out there that rent these super-realistic Styrofoam cakes with fake icing on them. The cakes look gorgeous and can literally cost half the price of a real wedding cake. How does it work? Well the cake stands as a display on the cake table throughout the wedding reception. The option is to make the top layer of the cake, a real layer that is cut for your pictures and then served to your wedding party. The beautiful 'fake cake' is wheeled back into the kitchen and everyone else gets sheet cake that they'd never even guess was any different than the beautiful display you


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