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The Guide To Great Wedding Gifts

Weddings are the perfect opportunity to give thoughtful gifts that will last a lifetime. Every couple will have different needs and tastes, so consider this when purchasing wedding gifts. However, this is a general guide to help you choose the perfect gift to celebrate a new marriage. Garden Unlike 40 years ago, many couples will now already have a home when they get married. Therefore, they may not need wedding gifts to set them up in their home, so perhaps re-consider the microwave. One area of the house that may need something special however, is the garden. Why not help the happy couple create and backyard oasis with a patio set, hammock or barbeque set. Bathroom Although the bathroom probably has all the essentials, a touch of luxury


Wedding Gift Etiquette

What is your first reaction upon receiving a wedding invitation in the mail?  Usually it is something like, “Oh great! Can’t wait!”  And this is quickly followed by, “Oh boy. What do I get them?”  It can be tricky to maneuver the labyrinth world of wedding gifts. Can I give cash?  How much?  What about gift cards?  Are they registered? What if the registry is too expensive?  How much do I have to spend?  What is appropriate based on your relationship?  How can I cut costs without looking like a cheapskate?  Here are some wedding gift etiquette guidelines to consider. First, let’s take a look at the guidelines suggested by the WeddingChannel. Co-worker: $50 - $75 Relative or friend: $100 - $125 Close family member


How Much Should You Spend on Bridal Party Gifts?

Your bridal party is a very important part of your wedding day. They’ll be indispensable helpers scurrying around taking care of small details. So, how do you repay them? While no bridesmaid or groomsman expects a gift, you’re probably going to want to give something memorable and unique as a token of your thanks. The gifts can range from large to small. But what dictates how much you spend? With times being as they are, brides and grooms are often paying for their own weddings. Every penny is accounted for and often the couple has worked long hours of overtime to come up with the cash to host the wedding they want. So, the biggest deciding factor in how much you spend on bridal party gifts is your own budget. If you can afford


How Much Should You Spend on a Wedding Gift?

These days the average wedding can cost over $30,000! That’s enough for a down payment on a house! Just because a bride and groom are throwing a lavish wedding, though, does that mean your gift has to be ultra expensive as well? Your wedding gift basket to a couple should not be based on how fancy their wedding is. Why would you give your sister who married in a country backyard affair any less than your best friend who married at the Ritz? Instead of deciding how much to give based on the style of the wedding, you should give your gift based on how close you are to the bride and groom. Gift more for a family member, less for a co-worker. You get the idea. But still, how much is not enough? And how much is over the top? That depends


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