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Bespoke Wedding Rings: Are They For You?

Wedding rings have come a long way from the standard classic gold band. Certainly, a gold band provides a simple elegance, but perhaps you are looking for something a little more personal. Bespoke weddings rings are a fantastic way of adding extra character and personality to your marriage celebrations. A valued, considered piece of wedding jewelry can be passed onto your future children. Your ring can be modeled on something that you both love –like a favorite movie, book or hobby – or based on a certain moment or place. Once you’ve decided your theme, the next step is to think about how you can incorporate it into a ring. If you’re unable to decide on a theme, then bounce ideas off friends and family. Advance Planning Planning


Wedding Jewelry - Beyond the Ring

A woman’s wedding is truly the most special and remembered day of her life.  You may find yourself concentrating on the guests, the venue, the details- but don’t forget to pamper yourself a big for the big day!  Of course, once you find the wedding dress of your dreams most of the searching is over for your total look.  But don’t forget, the wedding jewelry you wear during your ceremony and your party can be the difference between a plain bride and an absolutely dazzling fairytale bride. Beyond the diamond engagement rings, wedding jewelry is lusted over by brides to be.  Depending on your personal style and the wedding dress you’re wearing, you can find the perfect combination of wedding jewelry to fit your exquisite look. If


Tips for Keeping your Wedding Ring Looking Great

Your wedding ring is one piece of wedding jewelry you’ll keep for a lifetime. Chances are you’ve dreamed of it all your life and now that you have it, you’ll want to protect it so it always keeps its shine. There are many ways you can ensure that your wedding ring looks as great as the day you first opened that little velvet box. One is to always take it off and put it in a safe place if you are working with anything caustic like a chemical, paint, or other corrosive liquid. Often household cleaners can damage rings, so read the labels before you dive into your next project. NEVER leave your wedding ring above a sink on a shelf or take it off near a sink and leave it on the counter “just for a second.” More plumbers have been called


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