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Finding The Right Spots For Your Wedding Photos

Your wedding photos are going to be an everlasting reminder of your commitment to that special someone. It will be memories for not just your generation, but also, for those generations, yet to come. Apart from the right photographer your locations also have to do justice to the moment. Choosing the right spot can help add many more layers to your photo. It can help turn regular run of the mill photos into works of art from which emotions reflect. So if you are selecting your photo spots after the wedding, then keep a few things in mind. A photo spot that has significance to the couple Choosing a photo spot that has some form of significance to the couple to be married adds another dimension to the photos. These spots could be along the


A New Trend Photobooths at the Reception

What’s the latest fun trend in wedding photography? The photo booth! That’s right--just like the ones they have in malls and arcades. Couples are now renting photo booths to add to the spontaneous and festive atmosphere of their weddings. What’s the allure of the photo booth? Maybe it’s that guests love that they get to be themselves and make silly poses inside the privacy of the booth. It’s a time to let loose and show off your real personality. And guests also like the immediacy of the results. They can take their photos with them to remember the event. Another special touch would be picture frame favors. These are great keepsakes that play off each other well. Sure, you’ll still have your formal photos taken. But you’ll


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