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Choosing the Perfect Theme and Colors for Your Wedding Day

The first step when planning any wedding should be the wedding theme selection. Your wedding theme will be the starting point from which your wedding plans start to come together. The theme will dictate the style, colors and formality of your wedding. It takes a lot of thought and effort to choose a wedding theme that suits both your personalities as a couple.  Your wedding theme should be relatively easy to execute and fall under the category of good taste. Most couples work with each other to decide the theme of their wedding; this can be fairly simple if they both share an interest or pastime. The majority of themes are decided on simple things such as color or choosing a particular season of the year, but if you need a more indulgent


5 Creative Wedding Themes You Never Imagined

A common assumption about brides is that we all dream of having a "fairy tale wedding." But whether that means being whisked away in a Cinderella-ish pumpkin chariot or something more like the car that appeared in a Nightmare Before Christmas is entirely up to the bride and groom. It’s your wedding, after all, so why not indulge your wackiest whims? To unlock your inner zany wedding designer, here are 5 creative wedding ideas for a little inspiration. One note: Since many of these themes are so unique, they’ll likely need a lot of DIY effort to pull them off – more than you can handle on your own. A good idea would be to add "brainstorming" and "help putting things together" to your list of bridesmaids duties. The more people you can


Using a Motif in Your Wedding Theme

One of the easiest ways to keep your wedding look cohesive is through a wedding theme.  If you’re still contemplating your theme, simply look to what you are naturally drawn to. For instance… it could be your favorite colors, a love for a certain era, a meaningful location, your culture or simply… the season of your wedding. And, to add another level of WOW and polish to your theme, consider using a signature motif or a special design element that resonates with your theme and provides a focal point within your overall wedding look. Sort of like~ icing on the cake. If threading a motif or design element throughout your wedding look sounds appealing to you {whether it’s your logo, monogram or charming lovebirds for a spring wedding


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