what to do after you get married

6 Post-Wedding To-Do's You Probably Forgot About

You’ve made the vows, drank the champagne, and honeymooned on some tropic isle—what more is there to do?! Actually, there is real life after the plane ride home. Here are 6 things to add to (or begin) your honey-do list that you might have forgotten about. You’re welcome. Tie up the loose ends of the wedding knot The wedding isn’t over just yet! Remember all those waffle irons in the corner of your bedroom and the cake frosting that got smeared on your ball gown? Tie up some of the loose end like registry returns and gown cleaning. Most stores are pretty lenient when it comes to newlyweds and gift returns, but it is much easier to return those ugly candle holders sooner than later. Organize the gifts into piles by store, then devote


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