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Wedding Flowers for Every Season

A wedding is one of the most important occasions in your life, along with giving birth and moving house. Organizing a wedding takes an enormous amount of preparation and hard work, but inevitably one of the most important things about your wedding is your wedding bouquet. There are a massive amount of seasonal flowers to choose from, dependent upon the time of year you are having your wedding ceremony and it pays to visit all the reputable flower shops available to you. All good flower shops will offer a tremendous amount of help in choosing the right bouquet, not only to look stunning but to convey the right message and of course will assist with any flower delivery that you may need to organize for that distant relative. It may be that


Winter Wedding Flower & Centerpiece Suggestions

Winter is known for it's beautiful white fields, snow covered trees, and warm crackling fires.  Having a winter wedding can incorporate items that traditionally would not be thought of for wedding decorations. When decorating for a winter wedding, your colors might include white, purple, and blue, centerpieces might even include ice sculptures, ice like stones in clear, blue, and purple hues, or even heavy, soft fabrics such as faux furs incorporated as small table runners.  Candles of all shapes and sizes can also be used as centerpieces and are often more beautiful in winter than at any other time of year. Pine Pine trees are the one of the most recognizable symbols of winter.  Pine products can be brought in to incorporate winter


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